Match List Shortcode

The Match List shortcode displays a list of matches according to the settings defined.

It can be used anywhere on your site where you can add content.


Add a title that will appear above the shortcode. Defaults to no title.


Choose whether to display fixtures, results or all. Defaults to All


Set a limit to the number of matches to display. Leave blank to set no limit.


Choose whether to show matches from a particular Competition. Defaults to all Competitions.


Choose a season to show matches from. Defaults to all Seasons.

Team (Club Mode Only):

Choose whether to show matches from a particular Team. Defaults to all Teams.

Date Range:

Choose whether to displa matches from a set date range. Defaults to none.

Venue (Club Mode Only):

Choose whether to display home or away matches only. Defaults to All


Choose an order to display matches from Ascending or Descending.


Choose which columns to display in the Match List.

Link Text:

If Link Page is set you can add text for the link.

Link Page:

Choose a page to link to the shortcode. If selected a link will be displayed under the shortcode.


[match_list title="" format="" limit="" comp="" season="" team="" date_range="" venue="" order="" show_thumb="" show_comp="" show_team="" linktext="" linkpage=""]