Staff List Shortcode

The Staff List shortcode displays a list of staff attached to a Roster in Club Mode or a club in League Mode.


Add a title that will appear above the shortcode. Defaults to no title.

Roster (Club Mode Only):

Choose which roster to get staff from.

Club (League Mode Only):

Choose which club to get current staff from.


Set a limit to the number of players in the list.


Choose whether to only display staff from a chosen job.

Sort By:

Choose which value to sort the list by. You can choose from Alphabetical or Page Order.


Choose which order to display your list from Ascending or Descending.

Name Format:

Choose which format to display the player name from 'First Last', 'Last' or 'F. Last'.


Choose which columns to display in your list. The columns available are dependent on the display settings in Club Manager > Settings > Staff.

Link Text:

If Link Page is set you can add text for the link.

Link Page:

Choose a page to link to the shortcode. If selected a link will be displayed under the shortcode.


[staff_list title="" id="" limit="" jobs="" orderby="" order="" linktext="" linkpage="" columns=""]