Player Gallery Shortcode

The Player Gallery shortcode has replaced the Players Gallery extension shortcode.

The Player Gallery shortcode displays a gallery of players attached to a Roster in Club Mode or a club in League Mode.

Using the settings you can display simple galleries of players to galleries based on performance stats, for example Top Scorers, Most Appearances.


Add a title that will appear above the shortcode. Defaults to no title.

Roster (Club Mode Only):

Choose which roster to get players from.

Club (League Mode Only):

Choose which club to get current players from.


Set a limit to the number of players in the list.


Choose whether to only display players from a chosen position.

Sort By:

Choose which value to sort the list by. You can choose from Alphabetical, Squad Number, Page Order or any of the active player stats. If you choose a player stat then that statistic will display on the players gallery.


Choose which order to display your list from Ascending or Descending.

Name Format:

Choose which format to display the player name from 'First Last', 'Last' or 'F. Last'.

Number of Columns:

Choose how many columns wide your gallery should be. Choose between 2 and 6 columns.

Link Text:

If Link Page is set you can add text for the link.

Link Page:

Choose a page to link to the shortcode. If selected a link will be displayed under the shortcode.


[player_gallery title="" id="" limit="" position="" orderby="" order="" linktext="" linkpage="" columns="" name_format=""]