Teams are available in Club Mode only!

Teams are used to filter matches, rosters and league tables for your club. You can have as many teams as your club needs (eg. First Team, Reserves, U18s etc.)

We recommend creating a Team even if your club only has one team. If your club grows and you create another Team in the future it will make things alot easier to manage.

Use the drag and drop feature to sort your teams into your preferred order to display throughout the plugin.


Enter your team name in the Name field. This is the name that will be displayed in shortcodes, widgets, profiles and match pages when the display Team option is selected (eg. First Team, Reserves).


The slug is not used by the plugin so can be left as default.


The description is not used by the plugin and can be left blank.

Display Name

Enter an alternative team name for your team (eg. Clubpress Hawks, Clubpress Eagles). If entered, this name will be displayed in league tables and match widgets and shortcodes. If this field is left blank the team name will default to your Club name.