Introduction to WP Club Manager

WP Club Manager is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create a fully functional sports club or league website.

This free plugin features everything you need to manage your website including matches, players, staff, league tables, performance statistics and sponsors. WP Club Manager is quick to set-up and easy to use so you can get your website up and running with the minimum of fuss.

It's been the trusted plugin by clubs around the globe since 2014 and is officially endorsed by USA Rugby.

How The Plugin Works

WP Club Manager is incredibly simple to use, this summary gives you brief outline of how it works.

  • Seasons
  • Competitions
  • Clubs
  • Players
  • Staff
  • Matches
  • League Tables
  • Rosters (Club Mode Only)
  • Teams (Club Mode Only)

The plugin has two modes, Club Mode and League Mode. Both modes share many features but there are subtle differences that make each mode specific to whether you are running a club website or league website.

  • In Club Mode the plugin is set-up to manage a single club, which becomes the Default Club. Your club can have as many Teams as necessary (eg. First Team, Reserves) and you can manage Players and Staff for each Team using Rosters.
  • In League Mode the plugin has no Default Club, Teams or Rosters. Players and Staff can be assigned to their current clubs.

Matches are easy to add and update with scores and player line-ups. The players performance statistics can be recorded, providing a history of a players career with a club. Your choice of Default Sport will determine which performance statistics are available for your players.

League Tables are automatically updated after each match result and making manual adjustments couldn't be easier.

Seasons are used to arrange Rosters, Matches and League Tables.