Roles & Capabilities

Once activated, WP Club Manager creates 2 new user roles and adds an additional manage_wpclubmanager capability to admin.

Player Role

The Player role can be given to users and will allow them to:

  • Have read access only for most capacities. This is equivalent to a normal blog subscriber role.
  • Can edit their own profile information

Staff Role

The Staff role can be given to users and will grant them admin access without actually making them an admin. They are granted the capabilities:

  • manage_wpclubmanager: This gives staff members the ability to manage all settings in WP Club Manager and create or edit clubs, players, staff, matches, rosters, league tables, sponsors, teams, competitions and seasons.
  • They also have general WordPress editor capabilities.

Tweaking Capabilities

If you wish to modify roles and capabilities, we recommend that you use a third-party plugin such as  Capability Manager Enhanced, Members or Groups. Any of those plugins work well for this purpose.