League Tables Widget

The  Standings Widget is used to display a table of club standings in any widget area according to the options you choose in the widget settings.

The Standings widget is used to display full or snippets of league tables in your sidebars. Your club will always be centred so if a limit is set, your club will be in the middle, with opponent clubs either side.

Standings Widget Settings


Enter the title of your widget (eg. League Table). Leave blank to have no title.


Set a limit to the number of clubs to display. Set to '0' to have no limit.


Choose the competition to filter clubs.


Choose the season to filter clubs.


Choose which statistic to order the table by. For most league tables this should be set to PTS (Points).


Select whether to display your standings table in ascending (Lowest to Highest) or descending (Highest to Lowest) order.

Show Club Badge

Check the box to display each clubs badge in your standings table.

Link to Club Pages

Check the box to link each club to their respective club profile page.


Choose which columns to display in your standings widget.

Link Text

The text to display if Link Page is set. Setting a Link Page will display a link under the standings table.

Link Page

Select a page to link to. Choose None to disable the Link text.