Players Widget

The  Players Widget is used to display a table or list of your clubs players in any widget area according to the options you choose in the widget settings.

The Players widget is especially useful for creating achievement based tables of your players, for example Top Scorers, Most Appearances, Top Ratings etc.

Players Widget Settings


The title of your widget (eg. Top Scorers). Leave blank to have no title.


Set a limit to the number of players to display. Set to '0' for no limit.


Choose the season to filter players and stats.


Choose the team to filter players.


Choose a position to filter players.


Choose which attribute to order the player list by. For example, choosing Goals would order the players by Goals which would be used to create a Top Scorers table.


Select whether to display your players list in ascending (Lowest to Highest) or descending (Highest to Lowest) order.


Choose which columns to display to your players table. The full list of statistics available depends on the preset stats for your default sport.

Link Text

The text to display if Link Page is set. Setting a Link Page will display a link under the players table.

Link Page

Select a page to link to. Choose None to disable the Link text.