How to Add Staff

Adding your clubs staff is quick and easy. You can add personal details for staff like date of birth and nationality as well as details about their role at your club.

To add a new staff member, go to  Staff > Add New in your admin dashboard.

Staff Name (Required)

This is where you enter the staff members name (eg. Jose Mourinho). This name will be displayed throughout the site when referring to this member of staff.

Staff Bio

You can add a biography of the staff member which can include images, media or anything else you want. The bio is also handy if you want display additional information about the member of staff which isn't in the Staff Details section.


If you've already created your clubs teams then you must choose which teams the member of staff is in (eg. First Team).

Teams are used to filter the staff lists and tables throughout the site. Learn how to setup and manage Teams


Choose which seasons the member of staff is working in (eg. Winter 2015).

Seasons are used to filter the player lists and tables throughout your website. Learn how to create and manage Seasons


Staff Menu Order

You can assign an order number for the member of staff in the Attributes section. Simply choose 'menu_order' as the Orderby value when you are creating a staff widget or shortcode to display staff sorted by their menu order. 

Staff Image

You can add an image of your staff which will be displayed on the staff profile page and in staff lists, if set. You can alter the default size of the staff images, including thumbnail sizes in  Settings > Staff.

Staff Details

Job Title: Add the relevant job titles of the member of staff. Learn  how to create staff jobs.

Email Address: Enter an email address which can be displayed on the frontend of your site. Choose whether to display the email address in Settings > Staff.

Contact Number: Enter a contact number to display on staff profile page. Choose whether to display the contact number in Settings > Staff.

Nationality: Enter the member of staff's nationality. Choose the country of origin from the dropdown list. By default the nationality is displayed as a national flag on the staff profile page or in staff lists.

Date of Birth: Enter the staff's date of birth. This will be used to calculate the staff members age and can be displayed on the staff profile page or in staff lists.

Joined Date: Enter the date the staff member joined your club by changing the Joined date. The date entered will be used to calculate a user-friendly display of the length of time they have been at your club (eg. 3 years). This will be displayed on the staff profile page if selected in staff settings.