How to Add Clubs

You must create a club for each of your opponents and your own club. Your club must be set as the default club in  Settings > General.

You will  create teams for your own club but for opponent clubs with multiple teams it is necessary to create a separate club for each team. For example, Clubpress AClubpress B and Clubpress Ladies would be separate clubs. Learn more about how to setup clubs correctly.

To add a new club go to  Clubs > Add New in your admin dashboard.

Club Name (Required)

Fill in the name of the club (eg. Portland Timbers, AC Milan).

Club Profile

You can enter a description of the club using the WYSIWYG editor which will be displayed on the clubs page. You can use this to enter any content you wish from a history of the club to contact details and travel information for your fans.


Select the competitions which the club competes in. Competitions are used to filter clubs into the correct standings tables and match lists so it is crucial that clubs are assigned the correct competitions.

For your club, each competition should be checked.

Learn how to setup competitions.


Choose which seasons the club has competed in. Like competitions, seasons are used to filter clubs into standings tables and match lists so it is important that they are setup correctly.

Your club should have all seasons checked.

Learn how to setup seasons.

When a new season begins you should be sure to update each club that will take part in the new season. Its possible to create an archive page for each finished season.


Choose the clubs home venue. The details of the chosen venue will be displayed on the club page in your site including the address, capacity and Google map of the location.

Learn how to create venues.

Club Badge

Upload the clubs logo which can be displayed across your site depending on your theme.

It is recommended that you upload as big an image as possible to avoid pixelation issues that might arise when WordPress resizes the uploaded image.

Club Statistics

Club statistics can be can used to manually edit the stats record of any season or competition combination.

The stats are divided into the clubs selected competitions and again into seasons. Click on a season to view those stats.

The auto stats are updated after each match in that season and competition. The manual stats can be adjusted and are added to the auto stats to create the total and are used to build standings tables.

This method of manual stat adjustment after each round of matches can be used to keep your standings tables updated.