Match Settings

To edit the match settings go to Club Manager > Settings and click on the Matches tab.

Match Settings

Title Format:

Choose the format to display match titles throughout the front-end of your website.

  • Default:  Home v Away
  • Reverse: Away v Home
Club Separator:

The club separator is displayed between the home and away clubs throughout the front-end of your website (eg. Harlequins v Wasps or Clippers @ Suns).

Goals Delimiter:

Set the delimiter for the score throughout the site. The delimiter sits between the home and away score (eg.  2 - 3 or 2 v 3).

Start Time:

Set the default start time for matches.

Match Duration:

Set the length of a match in minutes.

Box Scores:

Add half time/period/set scores. This feature replaces the Score Summary extension.

Hide Scores:

Check the box to hide scores from non logged-in users.


Choose which extra fields to display for matches. Available options are:

  • Attendance
  • Team
  • Referee
  • Preview
  • Report
  • Venue Map
  • Line-up

Match Line-up

Name Format:

Choose which name format to display player names in match line-up.


Choose which fields to display in the match line-up. Available options are:

  • Display shirt numbers - display sequential shirt numbers ie. 1-15
  • Show player thumbnails